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PA Plumbers Discuss The Merits Of Water Powered Sump Pumps

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water powered sump pump in a pennsylvania home

Water powered sump pumps are a great backup plan for when the power goes out

As we approach the colder months of year (sigh), it is time to think about all of the preparations for a safe and cozy home this winter. Among the many things to consider is a backup option to your primary sump pump. Many homeowners in Pennsylvania are opting for a water powered emergency sump pump as a reliable backup sump pump system.

Why worry about a backup sump pump? Even if your current sump pump system is new or in good shape, there is always the possibility of power outages from a winter storm or general pump failure. And no one wants to take a trip down to the basement to find a flooded floor. Not only is this a major pain to clean up but a basement flood can damage your belongings and promote the growth of mold and mildew which can leave you and your family ill.

Save yourself the stress and make sure that your current sump pump system has a backup in case the main system fails.

The way that a water powered sump pump works is by using city water that combines with your sump water via a discharge line and then exits your basement. So even when the power is out, this water powered pump will always come to the rescue.

What’s even better is that water powered sump pumps do not require maintenance or a battery in order to work. So as long as you have access to city water, you can relax knowing that your basement will always be dry!

To find out how you too can enjoy the benefit of a backup sump pump system in Souderton as well as throughout Montgomery and Bucks counties, simply contact the PA plumbing pros at Moyer Indoor | Outdoor. Our team can provide you with peace of mind that your sump pump will continue to work even in stressful moments like prolonged power outages and strong winter storms.

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