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Key Components Of A Handicap Accessible Bathroom

Like other rooms in your home, you want your bathroom to have style, personality and be cohesive in design with the rest of your home. For many people, having their bathroom handicap accessible is a vital part of the bathroom's design. The reasons for a family needing a handicap bathroom can vary greatly from helping an aging relative, to a child born with a disability, or because of an unexpected event, but what doesn’t vary are the key components that are needed to make sure that the bathroom is functional!

Tags: pa plumbing services  |  handicap accessible bathrooms  |  ADA compliant bathroom  |  plumbing tips

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Benefits Of Replacing Your Old Water Heater

Hot water is something so many of us often take for granted. We don’t have to worry about boiling pots full of water to fill the tub, we simply turn on the sink and it’s there. But like so many home appliances, hot water heaters don’t last forever. When considering upgrades to your home, if you have an old water heater, replacing it should be towards the top of your list.

Tags: hot water heater  |  replace water heater  |  home plumbing tips

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Best Rooms To Remodel And Why

When you look around your home there are probably parts of it you want to change. Whether it’s just a couple coats of paint, changing up the flooring or more in depth renovations, doing upgrades to your home can increase the value and allow to put reflections of your own taste in your home.

Tags: bathroom remodel  |  pa plumbers  |  kitchen plumbing  |  kitchen remodel

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