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How To Tell If Your Sewer Line Needs Repair

Sewer drains are hidden under your home and yard. Out of sight and out of mind. Did you know that if there are any problems with the sewer drain under your home and yard before it reaches the main pipe that it is your expense to deal with? Keeping track of these pipes is not easy because they are hidden so deep under your home. Usually you do not realize that your sewer pipes have a problem until it has created a bigger more expensive problem. There are a few things to look for to make sure that your plumbing is running smoothly. Take note of these signs and if you have any questions contact a plumber for further explanation

Tags: telford plumbers  |  plumbing emergency  |  sewer line problems

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Why Old Homes Are More Prone To Plumbing Problems

When people are looking to purchase a home there are generally three options that include: build a new home, purchase a newer home, or purchase an older home. If you decide that the charm and “personality” of an older home is right for you and your family, you have to keep in mind that problems are going to most likely arise in the home sooner than later!

Tags: plumbing problems in older homes  |  common plumbing problems  |  pa plumbers

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August Is National Water Quality Month

It’s August and that means its National Water Quality Month. How can you participate? Well, there’s actually a lot more than just making sure your tap water is safe.

Tags: moyer indoor outdoor  |  conserve water  |  water quality services

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