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August Is National Water Quality Month

It’s August and that means its National Water Quality Month. How can you participate? Well, there’s actually a lot more than just making sure your tap water is safe.

Tags: moyer indoor outdoor  |  conserve water  |  water quality services

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5 Ways To Stop Wasting Water

As a homeowner you want to be as efficient with your resources as possible, this will not only help to save you money on energy costs but will also help to lessen your environmental footprint. One place to start is with your water consumption and use. The experts at Moyer Indoor/Outdoor want to provide you with some easy ways to help you stop wasting water in and around your home.

Tags: diy plumbing  |  conserve water  |  home plumbing tips

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The Importance Of Water Quality + How We Can Help

There is nothing more satisfying and invigorating than to quench your thirst and hydrate your body with a cool, fresh glass of water. On the other hand, a poor source of water from which to drink is very disheartening and causes many negative effects. The health and well being of your family is paramount. It is important for one to realize the seriousness of contaminated water or poor quality water. Healthy living begins with a quality water source.

Tags: reverse osmosis  |  reverse osmosis water filter systems in pa  |  water quality services

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